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State of a nation

238 years ago today, citizens near Boston took on the most powerful military in the world and won. Today, they cower from one man. Shameful.

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Boston terrorist bomber a gun control supporter?

Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, currently on the run in Boston has been linked to a half-dozen or more Twitter accounts created today (by some really sick people after they discovered the terrorist’s names). This account wasn’t created today. Don’t stop retweeting this! this has to change! #America… — Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (@Dzhokhar_) December 17, 2012 […]

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Liars on parade

Never let a tragedy go to waste. Pump up the fear, the horror, the gore, the loss and the tragedy. Keep it fresh. Keep it raw. Personalize it. Maximize the public trauma and human cost, exploit the victims and their families. There’s profit in them thar tears. You’ve got ad blocks and column inches to […]

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Marathon bombs were a design commonly used by Pakistani terrorists

The U.K. Daily Mail is one of many media outlets reporting that the two bombs used in yesterday’s bombing are similar to those commonly used in Afghanistan and Pakistan: The two bombs that killed three people and injured at least 176 at the Boston Marathon on Monday were made from six-liter pressure cookers crammed with […]

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DOJ prosecutes Army veteran that conspired with wrong rebel group to shoot 10 Syrian soldiers; refuses to prosecute Attorney General than ran guns to narco-terrorists used in 302+ murders

Make sure that when you go into battle against a tyrant determined to destroy his nation that you join the right franchise. At least Eric Harroun can plausibly claim he did what he did because of a head injury.

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