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DOJ prosecutes Army veteran that conspired with wrong rebel group to shoot 10 Syrian soldiers; refuses to prosecute Attorney General than ran guns to narco-terrorists used in 302+ murders

Make sure that when you go into battle against a tyrant determined to destroy his nation that you join the right franchise. At least Eric Harroun can plausibly claim he did what he did because of a head injury.

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Osama has almost won. Thanks for helping.

As local, state and federal legislators and executives continue to attack the rights and liberties of Americans while driving the nation into a now almost unavoidable financial collapse, it has become abundantly obvious: Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda have won their war against the United States, and precisely in the manner in which bin […]

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The dark zone

On January 15 I penned Shock the System: Just one example of how the government could lose a civil conflict. It was a warning of how patriots could selectively shut down the capitols of states and nations by eliminating the electrical substations and residential transformers that service those cities. Though I stated nothing new either […]

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Wages of reciprocity

Let’s be honest with ourselves: he’s not telling us anything we didn’t already know. Attorney General Eric Holder can imagine a scenario in which it would be constitutional to carry out a drone strike against an American on American soil, he wrote in a letter to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. “It is possible, I suppose, […]

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A library for troubled times

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been busy educating myself when I’m not busy behind a keyboard. I’ve read and re-read David Hackett Fischer’s brilliant Paul Revere’s Ride. Fischer’s Washington’s Crossing is cued up in my Kindle, just as soon as I finish up John West’s Fry the Brain: The Art of […]

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