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Forget bans; where are my Constitutionally-protected suppressed machine guns?

Americans have been very poorly served by our educational system. This is evidenced by the fact that allegedly educated men and women in various levels of government seem convinced that the Second Amendment was designed to indulge their occasional pheasant hunt, or outfit their burly armed guards with firearms to keep away the riffraff. This […]

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Dick’s Sporting Goods screws over their customers and their suppliers

After the Newtown tragedy, Dicks Sporting Goods—which presumably entered the modern sporting rifle (MSR) market purely for financial gain when it saw other sporting good stores selling them by the truckload—screwed over hundreds or thousands of customers. It cancelled the rifles they’d ordered, as if they were criminals. DSG’s respect for their customers was and […]

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Outer Banks Democrat Jim Turner confesses to four counts of voter fraud on Facebook

This is North Carolina Democrat James Palmer Turner. Jim really hates Mitt Romney. He hates Mitt Romney enough that he apparently voted for Barack Obama four times already, and intends to vote for him again in Pine Knoll Shores (PKS). He allegedly said so on his Facebook page. I hope North Carolina officials catch and […]

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HMS Bounty sinks in Graveyard of the Atlantic

In news better suited to 1812 than 2012, the three-masted schooner HMS Bounty has sunk off the North Carolina coast: Officials say a ship started taking on water off our coast and eventually sank, forcing the crew to abandon ship into 18-foot waves and 40 mile per hour winds off the North Carolina coast. The […]

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Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost

Obama bombed in Denver, Biden heckled in Kentucky, the scandal deepens over Benghazi, the economic reports strike most Americans as doctored, another failed green energy scandal unfolds… Four years of incompetence are coming to a head at exactly the wrong time for the President. On the upside, that mansion they’re buying in Hawaii sure looks […]

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