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Russian meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere caught on video

That must have been stunning to witness, but the driver in the vehicle recording it was unflappable. Hundreds of people are being treated for injuries, almost all of which seem related to effects of the meteor’s shock wave, though some meteorite fragments are reported to have hit. We’re supposed to be treated to an asteroid […]

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Newtown father: “From my cold dead hands”

This is the father of a fifth-grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 students were gunned down in cold blood. She survived; the younger sister of one of her friends did not. Like all American gun owners, he is deeply saddened by the actions of an evil man. Like any rational American, he realizes […]

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You say “pre-game,” I say “range time”

After church yesterday I ran home and headed off to test some of the gear (some on sale, some under development) with the guys from Templar Custom, with the focus on the the newMC-E (AKA “Mickey”) muzzle brake and the Siege suppressor. I’ve generally not been a fan of brakes due to the fact that […]

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The magical thinking behind a trillion dollar coin

New York Times economist/editorial Paul Krugman has always been viewed as being a bit “special” by many of us, and for good reason. His latest proposal, to mint a $1 trillion coin to get around the debt ceiling is just the latest in a long line of desperate coping mechanisms to avoid fiscal reality: Should […]

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Talking guns with Glenn Reynolds

Glenn had me on InstaVision to talk about the progressive calls for gun control. I completely whiffed on a chance to plug my related eBook. I need to fire my publicist, right after I fire my stylist, makeup artist, and yogi. Update: Now on Youtube as well.

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