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Talking guns with Glenn Reynolds

Glenn had me on InstaVision to talk about the progressive calls for gun control. I completely whiffed on a chance to plug my related eBook. I need to fire my publicist, right after I fire my stylist, makeup artist, and yogi. Update: Now on Youtube as well.

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Comedian Steven Crowder repeatedly attacked by union thugs in Michigan [video]

Come for the spittle-flecked anger, assault, and threats of mass homicide. Stay for the lack of intelligence and hygiene!

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Obama’s changes

Someone needs to talk to Mrs. Crowder about the pants.

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Baumgartner’s jump: Live

Going on LIVE right now. Update: Mission complete, with flare, and a perfect touchdown. We still live in an Age of Heroes. I’d further note that only under capitalism can a soft drink company put a man on the edge of space, simply because they dared.

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Forward Unto Dawn: Parts 1 and 2

I’ve mentioned before that I’m very interested in the Halo video game universe, both in the single-player campaign mode that pits you against the programmer’s mind, and the multi-player experience that sees me routinely slaughtered by 10-year-old Mexican kids. I don’t know how I missed it until now, but the studio behind Halo 4 is […]

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