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Cheat to win: O’Keefe catches multiple OFA/DNC staffers committing voter fraud

They work for Obama for America (OFA). They are paid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Do not try to tell me that voter fraud isn’t an endemic part of the Democratic Party’s plan to stay in power. This is the reason Democrats have fought so hard against requiring a valid, government-issued photo ID—even those […]

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Bumps in the road

Still trying to smooth those over, Barack?

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Obamacare in one sentence

Dr. Barbara Bellar is running for the Illinois Senate. According to the Fox News story that accompanies the now viral video: The title of senator would be just the latest entry on an interesting and lengthy resume. Bellar was a Benedictine nun for nearly five years, although she left before she completed her final vows. […]

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FAST AND FURIOUS: Under the Radar and Above the Law

Fleming “Tex” Fuller is a documentary filmmaker that I’ve had the chance to speak to on numerous occasions, and he’s completing a damning documentary on Operation Fast and Furious. I just got off the phone with him, and he’s released a trailer of his latest documentary FAST AND FURIOUS: Under the Radar and Above the […]

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Moron with an RPG

If you really, really, hate a dumber-than-paint family member, dress them up as a terrorist, give them a realistic fake rocket launcher, and send them to play in traffic. Tell said dummy you are going to film the ensuing chaos to “test police response times.” That’s what is Michael David Turley did, and now the moron […]

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