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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Welcome to the Minitrue

Written By: Bob - Dec• 14•13

That there was a shooting at a high school just eight miles from Columbine yesterday was bad enough. That the Denver Post immediately began trying to whitewash the “outspoken Socialist” background of the shooter to protect their precious narrative is even worse.

When did Winston Smith become the managing editor there, anyway?


Where do you draw the line? A question for law enforcement.

Written By: Bob - Dec• 02•13

This young woman puts a very good question to the law enforcement community.

Where do you stand, my friends?

EBT user laments she won’t be able to buy exotic fresh fruits

Written By: Bob - Nov• 02•13

I’m trying real hard to find some sympathy here… and I got nothin’.

“It may not sound like a lot but to a person like me, it is,” says Annie Crisp, 30, a single mother of two girls in Lancaster, Ohio. “It’s not just a number.”

She says she received a little less than $550 a month in food stamps and now will receive $497. Crisp, a babysitter who brings home about $830 a month, says the food stamps help her buy her family fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

Crisp worries now she may end up trying to supplement her family’s groceries by going to a food bank or cutting into her electric or gas money for the month. The cut, she says, also means she will have to buy more canned fruits and vegetables, foregoing her daughters’ favorite fruit, kiwi, and buying packaged meat.

Crisps’ family eats better than most people not on food stamps. I’m not remotely sorry that she’ll have to start eating frozen and canned vegetables, and choosing prepackaged meats instead of asking the butcher to cut her a stack of fresh inch-thick ribeyes.

Food stamps was not supposed to provide luxuries. It was supposed to keep families from starving.

Perhaps for the first time in their lives, EBT users might actually have to use their brains and shop intelligently and use coupons for the best food deals… just like those millions of hard-working taxpayers who pay for their food.

PR maven behind Moms Demand Action admits she wants to ban all guns

Written By: Bob - Nov• 02•13

Shannon Watts is the career public relations professional behind Moms Demand Action, the astroturf gun control group.

Yesterday, she attempted to redefine “assault weapon.”

I tried on several occasions to get her to admit the simple fact that AR-15s are not machine guns, but she and Moms Demand can’t afford to be honest with their meager cadre of followers. What a clown car full of fools.

The SNAP backlash cometh

Written By: Bob - Oct• 29•13

Extra funding for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, one of the most impactful elements of the 2009 economic stimulus, expires Friday, meaning poor families in all 50 states will immediately see steep cuts in government food aid.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided a 13.6 percent funding increase to SNAP recipients beginning in April 2009, money the bill’s backers said would make its way quickly into the economy. But that extra funding ends Nov. 1. Every one of the 48 million SNAP recipients will see their benefits cut in their next checks.

Obama put millions on welfare, and the government is now slashing their benefits.

Look for all kinds of crime to rise as people steal, cheat, and kill to feed their kids.

This is the America that socialism has made.

Prepare for the pain.