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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Range time this weekend

Written By: Bob - Sep• 25•13


It’s been too long, but I’ll be back on the line in Ramseur this weekend.

Anyone coming?

Reveal Fail

Written By: Bob - Sep• 23•13

How do I put this?

We’re looking to put some (actually pretty bitchin’) product improvements in place, and want to have them completed before the press release is, uh, released.

It might be a week.

Coming out soon

Written By: Bob - Sep• 19•13

We’re veeeeery close to announcing my new gig, possibly tomorrow, or maybe Monday. This is good, because while I’m good at keeping other people’s secrets, I’m lousy at at keeping my own. Stay tuned!

Update: The press release drops Monday.

I’d crawl in a bunker until 2013 is over, but…

Written By: Bob - Sep• 15•13

The past year of underemployment has been rough on my wife and kids, and so my beautiful bride cashed in on a customer appreciation day deal so that we could take the weekend to try and decompress at the nearby beach for what was essentially the cost of gas to get there and back. We had a wonderful time Saturday morning, then were on the way back to the campground for a PB&J lunch when an elderly woman in an SUV pull out in front of us as she tried to make a left-hand turn.  Fortunately, nobody had to be hospitalized from the resulting collision, but that ended some much-needed family R&R.

We’re all sore, but there was no blood or broken bones in our car, and her injuries were minimized (and perhaps actually caused by) the airbag that deployed. We suspect insurance will total my paid-for car, so we’ll be down to the truck we were about to sell so that we’d have one less vehicle to fuel.

To make things even more entertaining, we’ve come home to find the my daughter’s dog—yup, the canine epileptic—now has what I think is conjunctivitis in both eyes, so we’ll be adding another medical bill to the pile of stuff we can’t pay.

Sure, I’m feeling a little low today, but you know what?

Tomorrow I’ll wake up beside the woman who is the love of my life, then send two wonderful kids to school. I’ll then work my butt off at a job that makes me want to pour everything I have into it.

Life can be tough, and sometimes cruel. What you determine to make of the life you’re given is what matters.

Choose to celebrate the good in your life, no matter what curve-balls are thrown your way.

Update: The pup turned out to have torn the thin, soft outer layer of his cornea, which has healed over time, and so he’s back to normal.

The insurance company is indeed totaling out the car, and is giving us a reasonable settlement. We were planning on going down to one car anyway; now there is just the decision on whether we keep the truck or go for another vehicle with a little better gas mileage.

It’s almost been a good day

Written By: Bob - Sep• 11•13

Anti-gun Democrats were recalled in Colorado last night, despite a 6:1 spending advantage.

We made some good progress at work, which brings me a little closer to being able to come “out.”

I got to speak with some good men about some interesting topics.

If it was any day other than the anniversary of a day I’ll never forget, I’d say it was a very good day.