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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

It’s almost been a good day

Written By: Bob - Sep• 11•13

Anti-gun Democrats were recalled in Colorado last night, despite a 6:1 spending advantage.

We made some good progress at work, which brings me a little closer to being able to come “out.”

I got to speak with some good men about some interesting topics.

If it was any day other than the anniversary of a day I’ll never forget, I’d say it was a very good day.

Gun Control Research Fail

Written By: Bob - Sep• 07•13

If you’re going to hang your entire academic reputation on the effectiveness of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, you first might want to research whether that “ban” actually took guns off the street.


Toys for the boys

Written By: Bob - Sep• 04•13

It looks as if these might be in my near future.

408 CheyTac

I love my new job.

I’m not dead yet

Written By: Bob - Aug• 26•13


I’m a pretty rotten blog host. I picked up on that a little while ago when I got a “miss you” email from one of you guys, wishing me well on my future. Then I realized it has been almost a week since I’ve posted anything, which is close to being as long as I’ve ever been away from this little corner of the interwebs.

Do I feel like a heel? Yes, I do.

But not totally.

I’ve been busting my butt for the the past couple of weeks, learning my new gig, picking up technology and tools (both hardware and software), doing some recruiting, and working with experts to get “things” to a certain level, all of which must be done before I can tell you what I’m doing now (which I think you’ll dig).

Confused yet? Hang in there a while longer. I think you’re going to find it all quite cool when it all comes together.

NY thug tried to murder rival gang members, missed with every shot, got stomped to death for his trouble.

Written By: Bob - Aug• 20•13



Unlike fake-but-accurate Native American Iron Eyes Cody, I can’t even muster up a single tear.

I will note the attempted murderer died after having various parts of his anatomy slammed against the concrete much as Miami-based thug Trayvon Martin attempted against George Zimmerman, before Zimmerman permanently ended Martin’s criminal career.