Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

FOUR HUNDRED surface-to-air missiles stolen while Obama fiddled and Americans burned in Benghazi

No wonder King Putt has threatened CIA assets and attempted to hide military personnel who were privy to what happened the night the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed in a raid; the President’s blatant dereliction of duty armed al Qaeda with weapons powerful enough to blast airliners out of the sky: A former U.S. […]

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As Bristol goes missing, Benghazi is still all about Cross-Border Authority

A key Marine General Colonel in charge of Joint Special Operations Task Force-Trans Sahara has gone missing, now that members of Congress want to interview him about the night the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked: Marine Corps Col. George Bristol was in a key position in the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) chain of […]

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Obama Admin told Special Forces team in Libya to stand down, and not rescue Benghazi consulate survivors

The lies told by the Obama Administration about Benghazi for the last six months have started to unravel in recent days, and every revelation is more disturbing than the last. The deputy of slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has told congressional investigators that a team of Special Forces prepared to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi […]

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Clinton tried to cut State Dept counterterror experts out of the loop on Benghazi

It just gets more scandalous with every revelation: On the night of Sept. 11, as the Obama administration scrambled to respond to the Benghazi terror attacks, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a key aide effectively tried to cut the department’s own counterterrorism bureau out of the chain of reporting and decision-making, according to a […]

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Benghazi: People died, Obama lied

It is beginning to look spectacularly bad for the Obama Administration in regards to Benghazi, including new claims that they intentionally lied to the American public about the cause of the attack: Congressional Democrats on Sunday distanced themselves from the Obama administration’s explanation of the Benghazi, Libya, attacks in the immediate aftermath of the fatal […]

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