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DOJ IG’s stonewalling effort in “Gunwalker” has now taken more time than Warren Commission

David Codrea notes that Acting DOJ Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar is doing precisely what her former co-counsel Eric Holder has asked of her, stonewalling the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious for longer than it took for the Warren Commission to investigate JFK’s murder. …as of today, DOJ operative Schnedar has now taken more time […]

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IG Schnedar’s investigation: Gunwalker’s “Little Bighorn?”

A string of damning emails and testimony has laid waste to the Obama Administration’s planned defense in depth over their involvement in Operation Fast and Furious, a multi-agency plot that saw ATF, DEA, and FBI agents within the Department of Justice colluding with ICE agents in Homeland Security and IRS-CID agents within Treasury to assure […]

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