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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Left-wing terrorist pleads guilty; media ignores left wing terrorism exists

Pro-gay marriage terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins, who plotted to murder the employees of both the Family Research Council and Traditional Values Coalition Christian lobbying groups, has plead guilty: A man accused of shooting a security guard inside the downtown Washington headquarters of a conservative Christian lobbying group pleaded guilty Wednesday in connection with the shooting. […]

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Gay terrorist faces terrorism charges

Floyd Lee Corkins is the leftist that plotted to carry out a pair of mass murders because he doesn’t like the support of traditional marriage promoted by a pair of Christian lobbying groups. The Private Pyle-looking turd will be facing terrorism charges: A grand jury charged suspect Floyd Corkins II, 28, with seven District of […]

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Would-be gay activist mass murderer Floyd Corkins pleads not guilty in Family Research Council attack. MSM completely ignores story.

Floyd “Private Pyle” Corkins has plead not guilty in his attempted murder spree: A Virginia man accused of shooting a security guard at a conservative lobbying group because he didn’t like the group’s politics pleaded not guilty during a court hearing Friday. Twenty-eight-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins is facing an assault charge and two handgun charges […]

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Whatever happened to Floyd Corkins?

Remember Floyd Lee Corkins? The gay rights zealot intended to carry out two mass murders last week against conservative Christian lobbying organizations the Family Research council (FRC) and the less affluent¬†Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). He attempted to attack the FRC first armed with a 9mm pistol and 95 rounds of ammunition, as well as 15 […]

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Would-be gay rights mass murderer Floyd Corkins had second massacre target

Gay activist/would-be mass murderer Floyd Lee¬†Corkins, who was taken down by an injured guard after firing just one shot in the Family Research Council lobby, may have had a second conservative target: Floyd Corkins II allegedly had the address of the Traditional Values Coalition in his possession. The organization, a lobbying group, has similar views […]

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