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Gear Review: Inforce WML Momentary Only Weapon Mounted Light

I’ve known from the second I picked up my Templar Custom MCWS that I needed to put a light on her. I avoided doing so for a very long time, however, because every light I saw seemed either too expensive, bulky, complicated, or had too many potential snags and failure points. I wanted a dead-simple, […]

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The tactical fairy does exist

I was inquiring about the Inforce WML a couple of weeks back, and guess what just showed up on my doorstep, looking for a home? I’m looking forward to running it through some drills once it gets darkish, but right off the bat, I love the weight (their isn’t any to speak of) and the […]

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Anyone running the Inforce WML?

I’ve liked running my AR just as “slick” as possible, with just a two-point GI sling, a 1-4 scope, and back-up iron sights. I don’t believe in running lasers or foregrips and anything else that affects the basic manual of arms… but I’m thinking about changing that. Over the past few days I’ve been doing […]

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