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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Contempt: Holder to be sued

Hey, hey, DOJ, how many Mexicans have you killed today? The Obama Administration–perhaps desperate to stay out of prison–has refused to provide the documentation demanded by the House Oversight an Government Reform Committee regarding the murderous gun-smuggling plot known as Operation Fast and Furious. The plot is the first of a number of suspect “gun-walking” […]

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Issa calls Holder out on his Fast and Furious lies

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who still refuses to say who came up with Operation Fast and Furious, who authorized Operation Fast and Furious, and who else was in the loop about the program, used his time in front of another Congressional panel today to whine about how he’s been treated over Operation Fast and […]

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Ambush! Issa and Grassley release report on senior DOJ involvement in Fast and Furious just hours before Holder testifys

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Rep. Darrell Issa and Ranking Senate Judiciary Committee Member Sen. Charles Grassley have released a 22-page report detailing “Main Justice’s involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. It’s damning.

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House launches ‘Fast and Furious Investigation’ web site before Holder testimony

Hey, maybe now those ignorant Democrat Congress-critters will bother to learn what their party’s leader is doing to their constituents and the innocent men, women,and children in Mexico. But I doubt it. The site makes it clear what their objective are right off the bat. As facts continue to emerge about a botched gun investigation […]

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Issa unloads on Holder

I don’t often do a “read the whole thing” link, but this eviscerating letter from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa to Attorney General Eric Holder is one of the most brutal take-downs of a corrupt political figure I’ve ever read. Issa is regarded by the media as something of a bombthrower, […]

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