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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Leftist terrorist cop Christopher Dorner beleived killed after gun battle, fire

Rogue LAPD cop Christopher Dorner apparently committed suicide after he was surrounded by police: The dramatic manhunt for fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who killed at least four people, apparently ended when the rural California cabin he holed up in went up in flames, with ammunition exploding in the inferno and smoke billowing up into […]

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Christopher Dorner has already won his war

Californians are waking up this morning to the news that a single man, Christopher Dorner, an angry ex-cop with no special training, is still waging a successful revenge-based one-man war against southern California law enforcement. The only reason they even know who he is is because Dorner decided to out himself through a length manifesto […]

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Former LAPD officer on rampage, still at large; media deletes half of his manifesto, which reveals him to be a racist, gun control fanatic, and Obama fanboy.

It reads like the plot to a bad revenge-themed action movie: A former Los Angeles cop who allegedly warned he would target law enforcement in retribution for being fired is now suspected of shooting three officers early Thursday, killing one, authorities said. The shootings — which come a day after Irvine, California, police named Christopher […]

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