Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Is Kahr the next funmaker to flee for freedom?

The Pocono Record Says Kahr, owners of the Thompson, Auto Ordnance, and Magnum Research Lines, is leaving New York for Pennsylvania: A gun manufacturer is considering buying the entire 620-acre Pike County business park for $2 million to escape an unfriendly gun climate in New York. Kahr Firearms Group would move its corporate headquarters from […]

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New York gun law about to be passed would turn you into a felon for owning three or more guns (update: discarded)

The rabidly anti-gun law that appears to be on the fast track to passing in New York will apparently turn you into a felon if you own three or more guns (see update, this bill containing this section was dropped, and another bill was signed into law). S 265.02 Criminal possession of a weapon in […]

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Are there free man still alive in New York?

The Founders of the state of New York unwisely chose not to protect the natural rights of its citizens to defend themselves, and this week we see the windfall of their folly. “This will be the toughest gun control package in the nation,” said Sen. Jeffrey Klein, leader of the Independent Democrat Conference that shares […]

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