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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Occupy Wall Street supporter arrested with bomb-making equipment

The lazy spawn of Barack Obama’s Marxist rhetoric have produced another would-be terrorist: A New York doctor active in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 was charged with possessing a large quantity of chemicals used for making bombs, Paramus Patch reports. Roberto Rivera, 60, a medical doctor, was charged Saturday hours after authorities conducted […]

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PI claims Colorado theater shooter is Occupy Black Bloc member angry over how the group was portrayed in the film

Nothing detailed, but probably every bit as accurate as ABC News’ Brian Ross trying to blame the Tea Party (again). James Holmes was allegedly furious at how Director Christopher Nolan portrayed the Occupy movement of which he was allegedly apart. Update: Shockingly, a FL private detective is every bit as competent at jumping to conclusions […]

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Neo-Nazi that murdered 4 before committing suicide was part of Occupy Phoenix

Neo-Nazi J.R. Ready murdered 4 people, including a toddler, before committing suicide. This is the same J.R. Ready that wanted to run for Pinel County Sheriff as a Democrat. This is the same J.R. Ready that was part of Occupy Phoenix. Frankly, he seems as if he was hate trying to find a home, and […]

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Even more Occupy violence: Occupier on roof throws bricks into crowd below

Local news media happened to be present when a Bay Area Occupier on a building roof decided to start throwing bricks into the crowd below, presumably attempting to hit police officers. He missed with the first one. The second time, someone in the crowd below wasn’t so lucky. You can hear someone (another Occupier?) yell […]

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Bridge bomb plotters arrested by FBI were part of Occupy Cleveland protests

TheĀ  suspects, all white male anarchists, plotted to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, and planned to carry out their attacks with what they thought was c-4 high explosives. The affidavit shows that the leftist terrorists were part of Occupy Cleveland, and used the Occupy protests in an attempt to recruit other terrorists and […]

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