Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

“…but the Founder’s couldn’t have imagined more than muskets.”

I gave up Twitter for Lent, but one of the last conver-arguments I had before signing off was with a gentleman from Chicago who was adamant in his belief that the Founding Fathers couldn’t have imagined weapon like an AR-15. “They only had muskets.” In his small, public-school educated mind, they couldn’t fathom more. He […]

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Petite guerre

“Oh, Please. A bunch of hicks with deer rifles could never take on the government.” — every leftist beta-male, ever History is a fascinating subject not because of dates and events but because of the personalities and causes that drive them. At the moment, I’m almost halfway through Fischer’s Washington’s Crossing, at a point after […]

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Where is your line in the sand?

New York is on the cusp of stripping the rights of that state’s citizens to own arms down to nearly nothing. All magazines of more than 7 rounds will be made illegal, with no grandfathering. Most semi-automatic rifles, including popular rimfire training and hunting like Marlin 795s and Ruger 10/22s, will be rendered inoperative. The […]

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We happy few

Recent statements by radical politicians have inflamed the already tense political climate of the past few weeks. Vice President Joe Biden has indicated that Barack Obama may attempt to circumvent Congressional opposition to the draconian gun controls Obama has always favored with one or more executive orders. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo screamed yesterday for […]

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Let it begin here

Easing into my 40s, I’m finally starting to understand the urgency of time, and the appeal of leaving a lasting legacy. What will I leave behind to my daughters, and my nieces and nephews? What can I do for my grandchildren before they’re even born, so that they have an opportunity for a life as […]

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