Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

It’s a crime. Because they say so, that’s why.

It looks like the Senate of the People’s Republic of Coastal California is shredding the Constitution again: Spurred by mass shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona, the California Senate on Wednesday approved seven bills to tighten regulations on guns and ammunition. The measures would: • Outlaw detachable magazines in rifles and so-called button bottoms; • […]

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Secede, Hell.

A Daily Beast writer named Lee Siegel has issued an “edgy” rant about how much he hates the South, and how he wishes he wouldn’t have to deal with our politics, religion, people, or culture anymore. He wants us to secede. Seigel’s display of contempt for flyover country isn’t even original, and appears to have […]

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46 U.S. Senators voted to forfeit the Constitution to foreign powers on March 23. The mainstream media covered it up.

We’re somehow just finding out that on March 23, 46 American senators voted against a simple resolution affirming American sovereignty. Instead, they voted to forfeit the Second Amendment to the United Nations and their Arms Trade Treaty. I can’t find any record of any mainstream media commenting on the vote, and yet it happened; here […]

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Bloody calculus

New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney claims that her office has received death threats as a result of her anti-constitutional activities: Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she received death threats Tuesday at her upper East Side office warning her not to move forward with gun control legislation. “They said they were going to kill me,” said Maloney. […]

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The gun rush is on in Connecticut

Many citizens of Connecticut have been laying in arms, ammunition and magazines since right after the Sandy Hook shooting, already predicting the gutless, emotional lemming-like responses of their legislators. They’re now snatching up what is left on store shelves before these cowards violate their oaths of office and pass laws that are a direct assault […]

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