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Is Smith & Wesson going to torpedo their brand? Again?

I’m a fan of Smith & Wesson. I’ve used both the 637CT and the M&P 9C as my primary carry gun at different points, and the M&P 9 is a strong contender for my next “service” pistol. I’ve owned the M&P 15/22, and have given serious thought to other Smith & Wesson products. They make […]

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New S&W C.O.R.E. pistol (w/ hi-res pics)

Go the news release with everyone else yesterday. I was was waiting on better pictures before I posted. Here they are. Click twice to obscenely enlarge. These are marketed as competition guns and will admirably fill that role, but it would seem that it would take very, very little to swap out a threaded barrel […]

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Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard review

My blogging buddy Mike McDaniel is continuing his work at Stately McDaniel Manor. He just posted a detailed review of the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 he picked up for his beautiful bride as a replacement for her Glock 26 after hand surgery made that gun painful to fire. Read the review. You’ll be glad […]

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Smith & Wesson releases first factory AR in 300 Whisper

This is pretty cool. Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the Company has added a new extension to its Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series with the introduction of the M&P15 chambered in .300 Whisper. ¬†As the first production rifle in the AR platform to be chambered in .300 Whisper (also chambers .300 AAC Blackout), […]

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