Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

In addition to hosing cops, NY’s rushed gun law penalizes Olympic athletes

I’d love to be able to claim credit for discovering the absurdities of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gun control laws, but I have to give the credit to my eagle-eyed readers that noted that the political machine accidentally disarmed cops, and now, apparently, screws up Olympic training as well. Biathlon, a Winter Olympics sport […]

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Oops. Were there not LEO magazine exemptions in the rushed NY SAFE Act?

As he rushed through a draconian gun control law that neither he nor the legislature in New York had time to read before they voted in favor of it and signed it into law, Governor Andrew Cuomo arrogantly said: “Common sense can win. You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and with reason and with […]

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Aimin’, gangsta style

The well known firearms experts at the U.K. Daily Mail have found a U.S. Marine to explain the brilliance of the gun-held-sideways shooting technique. I was very impressed with the explanation offered by Jon Davis justifying the technique, and thought I’d make some recommendations of my own for true gangstas only. If you are not […]

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